June 7, 2021

A new approach to vehicle selection…

The big reveal: an update to Salesperson View. Our recommendation engine was built to better the vehicle selection process with dealer profit, lender criteria, and customer affordability in mind. A true win-win-win. After a couple years in the market, testing in our 30 West Herr stores, and listening to customer feedback, we realized we were missing something: the ability for Salespeople to lead the conversation from the beginning.

Salespeople could have always benefited from the Streamline DNA early on in the sales process, but it was not optimized for them. What’s changed? We now have two ways we think about vehicle selection: Unit Cost, and Retail Price. Now, in plain English:

  • Manager & Executive Views, Unit Cost – assumes discounting vehicles to meet lender criteria
  • Salesperson View, Retail Price – assumes no discounting while meeting lender criteria

You read that right. No discounting. Our goal is to shift the conversation about proper vehicle selection earlier in the process. This will help avoid “the great train wreck”. You know…selling a customer a car they cannot afford, or a lender will never approve. All this inevitably leads to frustrations throughout the dealership, wastes time, costs money and negatively impacts the customer’s experience.

Is it a magic wand? We like to think so.